So what is a Unitarian Universalist service like?

While there is some variety to our services, many will find them strikingly
similar to services at most any mainstream church. Click here to read a
description of what fellowship services are like in most UU Churches. You will
find this a good general description of our services.

We might add that our youth have an opportunity to attend Religious Education during our services and that visiting youth are always welcome to attend RE stay in the main service with their parents or have a parent attend their parents attend RE with them. Whatever works best for your family.

Also, if you are in the area visiting and didn’t bring any “church clothes” on
vacation please don’t let that stop you from joining us. Up here in the northwoods we are pretty casual and it’s not unusual to see folks show up in their hiking clothes when the weather is warm or in their ski clothes when snow is on the ground.